Welcome to our new website.

Belfast Maintenance, is now online. We are continuing to grow and our fast becoming known through-out Belfast as a very reputable and reliable outfit.  Please check back soon as we will be updating our website significantly in the coming weeks. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to sign up to our news letter.

Operative Success

Congratulation’s to some of our operatives that recently passed their powered access platform courses. This allows us here at Belfast Maintenance to safely carry out even more , repairs and preventative maintenance for all our clients, please give us a call to find out more.

The Painting of Interior Walls

Again, as with exterior painting, the preparation of the surface is of prime importance. Far too often this is neglected and results are disappointing.

Before starting to paint, wash or scrape off all calcimine, loose paint, grease and dirt. Fill (jracks with patching plaster and sand to a smooth surface. Touch up patched spots with first coater. Even though no spots or cracks need patching, wash the surface before painting. The work involved will be well worth while.